Blind Driving

Adult: €35.00
Adult + Transfer: €40.00
Child (10-17): €15.00
Child + Transfer: €20.00

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When you visit our website, we know you’re probably thinking we’re crazy, a little bit deluded & that you can’t possibly drive a monstrous bespoke 4x4 Landrover Jeep around an off-roading track with a blackout blindfold on?! Surely not.

At Wild Atlantic Crusades, we make the impossible possible & we say, yes you can!

Join us at the Wild Atlantic Crusades HQ, jump into one of our bespoke 4x4 Landrover Jeeps and let our track test your driving skills and the sanity of your co-driver whilst dodging obstacles, completing riddles, balancing your jeep on a seesaw & yes, dare we say it, the driver is blindfolded. Did we mention that you will be timed & you will compete against all other Crusaders before you? Oh yeah.

Most WAC experiences will take approximately 2 hours per session. If you not navigating our monstrous jeeps around our WAC track, then you’ll be walking blindfolded through our eerie forestry or chilling out with games at the Wild Atlantic Crusades Cabin.

To Begin...

Start your ‘Wild & Wacky’ teambuilding event with some ice-breaking games with the Luscious Lorcan, who will use simple yet challenging games to truly test your team while also making them look like absolute eejits.

Next Up..

Next up is the unnerving 4x4 Blindfold Driving experience where your team will compete with eachother for the fastest time around the track whilst dodging obstacles, completing riddles, balancing your jeep on a seesaw & of course the driver is blindfolded….

Children (10-17) must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”..
Yes, at Wild Atlantic Crusades we LOVE being all intellectual & quoting awesone sayings. But seriously, are you, your friends, your family or work-team up for a challenge but that is sure to be absolutely hilarious & get the adrenaline pumping…
Then get booking….

The WAC Team are delighted to offer your team ‘One person FREE with every 10 people booked’ (mighty!)